Thursday, 12 September 2013

Now Is The Time To Relive Those Motoring Memories

It may seem strange to say but the best time to get out there and hire a classic is Spring or Autumn and for me Autumn is just about perfect. Many times I have had customers return from a summer hire lobster red from a days open top motoring in the summer heat! There is nothing quite like the cooler autumn air, the classics love it and they let you know just in the way they run so much more sweetly. The roads a quiet compared to summer and the Derbyshire and Staffordshire countryside is just stunning. We always seem to have good weather in September and October - often better than July and August! So now is the time to really enjoy that classic car day out. There are plenty of places to visit and most are not quite as busy as the school holiday months. So if you are thinking 'perhaps I have left it too late' then think again as now is the best time the hire a classic car. Give us a call on 07918715039 or 01889504040 and see what we have to offer.