Monday, 29 October 2012

How Self Drive Hire Can Occasionally Lead To The Purchase of a Classic Car

For many people, having the opportunity to hire a classic car for the day is a dream come true. There are a number of self drive hire companies up and down the country where people can hire the car of their choice for either a day or a weekend. All they need is a clean driving licence (those people with points on their licence may find they incur an extra charge) and a passion for classic cars. Being able to hire a classic care can make a great gift for a loved one, particularly when they already seem to have everything! All sorts of cars are available for self drive hire, from the legendary Aston Martin to a Triumph Vitesse. Of course, there are plenty of other makes and models of cars available, and most people have their own personal reasons as to why they wish to hire that particular model of car. For example, James Bond fans may dream of hiring the Aston Martin, whereas someone else may wish to hire a Morris Minor to evoke memories of childhood family holidays to the coast. Of course, once the customer has a taster of hiring a classic car for the day, they may decide to take the plunge and purchase their own classic car. There are a number of classic cars for sale at any one time, but it is often worth talking to an expert before making the purchase in order to ensure the customer knows exactly what they are buying. Although many classic cars for sale may look gleaming and in great condition, when it comes to looking under the bonnet it could be a very different situation. The gearbox could be full of rust and the suspension could be shattered. Although the bodywork may have been well cared for, the actual mechanics of the car could well be dangerous. It is worth taking the time to vet the new potential car very carefully to ensure the seller is being completely honest with the condition of the car. Of course, many diehard car fans simply can’t wait to get their hands on a rusty car in need of some hard work and restore it to its former glory. After some hard work and dedication, they can soon be whizzing along in their classic car! To find out more about Self Drive Hire why not visit our website.

Monday, 1 October 2012

How Classic Triumph Hire Can Make A Gift With A Difference

Hiring a classic car can make an ideal gift for a loved one, particularly for those people who already seem to have everything! Whether it is for a birthday or an anniversary; presenting a partner or parent with a classic car gift voucher can really make their day. There are plenty of classic cars which are available to hire, how about a stunning Aston Martin to give that 007 feel, or the ever stylish E-type Jaguar? Of course, there is also the sporty classic Triumph hire, which usually comes with the option of taking the roof down on a dry day. Hiring a classic car allows drivers to feel of sense of nostalgia, as they drive these magnificent cars which were built before the days of power steering and plastic dashboards. A self drive hire gift voucher can make an ideal present for a special anniversary, a milestone birthday or perhaps a Christmas present with a difference. Businesses may purchase them to use them as unique corporate prizes for employees who have performed outstandingly well. The recipient can utilise the voucher to cruise around the countryside in style, maybe just for one day or perhaps as part of a touring holiday. Self drive hire can allow drivers to experience the thrill of driving a classic car for themselves. Bride and grooms often take up the opportunity of hiring classic cars to drive themselves from their wedding ceremony to their reception, or perhaps to take themselves off on honeymoon in style once the wedding celebrations have come to an end. Classic Triumph hire can make their wedding day even more of a day to remember, and will provide fantastic photographic opportunities for both the official photographer as well as the guests. When purchasing a gift voucher for a friend or relative, you will need to be aware that there may be age restrictions in place due to insurance reasons. The recipient should ideally have a clean drivers licence as they may be charged a higher rate of insurance if they have points on their licence.