Monday, 25 April 2011

Impress Your Schoolmates With Car Hire For Prom

The end of year prom is fast becoming the most talked about and anticipated event of the extra-curricular school calendar. These end-of-year events are a great way for teenagers to celebrate the completion of another academic year, especially if they have finished their GCSEs or A Levels and will be moving on to college, university or employment. Getting everything right for the big night can be a small nightmare for those involved – from choosing the right dress, booking car hire for prom guests and making sure that everything runs smoothly on the night.

For parents of prom-goers, the days and hours in the run up to prom night can be nothing short of a major headache as teenagers try to get every detail right so they can have the perfect night to remember with their friends. One way in which parents can prove to be innovative, without spending a small fortune, is to organise the car hire for proms – perhaps by hiring a classic motor, which will give their young prom-goers the chance to make their entrance in style.

There are many different classic cars to choose from and by visiting a self-drive classic car rentals website you can browse the different examples of motoring history to choose from. Concerned parents will find this the perfect option as they can drive their offspring and friends to the prom and then collect them when the evening draws to a close.

This is a perfect win-win situation as parents get to drive a classic car as they ensure their children arrive and get home safely and children get to arrive at their prom in something a little bit more original than a stretch limo. Let’s face it, if you are going to book car hire for prom goers, you might as well think beyond the box and plump for something with true style and character like an E-type Jag or a Triumph Stag.

Whatever classic motor you choose for car hire for proms you can guarantee that it will be a real talking point amongst the young prom-goers when the hotly anticipated event of the school year is recalled and relived over the summer holidays.

If you want to impress your schoolmates with car hire for prom why not visit our website where you can browse our range of classic motors – perfect for car hire for proms.