Thursday, 24 March 2011

Arrive In Style With Classic Prom Car Hire

It’s not only American High Schools that can boast about their end of year high school prom, in the UK these events are becoming increasingly popular as a way of getting together at the end of the school year to celebrate achievements and perhaps say goodbye to old friends as students move up to the next stage in their education or working lives. One of the major considerations for any prom-goer is how they are going to arrive, and what better way to do this than with classic prom car hire?

The most obvious choice for your prom car is a limousine, but then isn’t this a bit stereotypical? If you are not one for following the crowd then you might like to consider a classic car to take you to your prom night in style. With prom car hire West Midlands you can choose from a range of classic cars such as the E-type Jag, MGB Roadster or Triumph Stag – pull up in one of these fine examples of motoring history and you can bet you’ll stand out from the rest!

Perhaps you could rope in a car-enthusiast Dad, who would love to take the opportunity to drive his daughter and her friends to their prom night in a car he always dreamed of owning? Or maybe you could really push the boat out and opt for a chauffeur driven car? Whoever drives you can be certain that you’ll get there on time as your classic car hire company will keep all of its fleet in tip top condition ready for your big occasion.

Imagine the look on your friend’s faces when you pull up outside your prom venue in a Rock and Roll 50's Ford Zodiac or even an Aston Martin. These timeless classics will add a touch of glamour to your arrival and start off what will hopefully be an evening to remember.

Prom car hire could be a gift from a friend or relative or you could save up with a group of friends to treat yourself on this special occasion. Whoever pays the bill, you’ll be so grateful that they did when you arrive at your prom evening in style and kick-start an experience that you will never forget.

Who knows, you may like it so much that somewhere down the line you use your prom car hire West Midlands company to hire a classic car for your hen night, wedding or as the perfect gift for that special someone.

If you are considering prom car hire why not check out our website where you can browse our range of classic cars available for prom car hire West Midlands.